God marks us as His people, calling us to be salt and light in the world. As Christians, we are marked by God to make disciples and expand His kingdom on earth and to come. But how do we fulfill that calling at The Village?

Series Schedule

Our Discipleship Traits

A whole, healthy disciple worships, belongs, serves and multiplies in every sphere of life: at home, at work, at church, everywhere. There are so many ways to cultivate these traits, but we want to share some ways this happens at The Village.

Our Distinctives

Our theological distinctives reflect what sets apart The Village from other churches. These distinctives shape the leadership and direction of our church, and they are maintained in all our ministry environments.

Other Resources

For this series, The Village is not providing study questions for groups. If you’d like suggestions for a study to go through with your group, please contact a Groups pastor or minister at your campus.